In response to Teresita from U.S.

Hello! Thank you for being interested in our educational system. By the way, the system that you have described is held in teaching English in The English Club. And the teachers are volunteers from the States. My father is 48 years old. He did not know English (and didn`t want to learn) before he was interested in the English Club. The atmosphere there is really friendly, people`s ages range between 18-55. There are approximately 25 people in a group.
So, nowadays the integrating of technology in teaching maths is increasing fastly. Almost each school has math labs equipped with interactive boards of `Promethean` company.
Almost all the books we use are translated from Russian math books. And the content is a little bit different from yours`. Teachers are preapared for lessons in this way: Firstly, greeting, checking homeworks, introduction, showing examples, allowing students to do the same exercises from the book. After explaining the main part of the topic,  teacher starts to give different level exercises, like A,B,C. A is the hardest level, B-middle, and C-basic. The use of technology is very necessary in the introduction part, to help students understand the meaning of the topic. For example, graphs, lines, different shapes are easier to show with the program Geogebra or Cabri3D. It is better to scan exercises form the book or use the electonic version of the exercise and show them by a projector on the interactive board. It safes so much time. And the last part is grading students for their work and giving a homework.
By the way, nice to meet you, and could u post some information about you, e.g job, where you live.

Talgat Bainazarov, from KZ


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